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Willow Tree Child and Family Centre was founded in 2011 to offer a comprehensive range of professional psychological and therapeutic services by practitioners with over 25 years experience working with individuals, couples, families, children and adolescents.

Our choice of the Willow tree represents our centre as a safe and welcoming haven where life's burdens and difficulties can be laid down and worked through. The Willowtree is flexible and resilient in stormy weather unlike the oak which can be felled easily. Our Mental Health is a precious thing that can be vunerable and fragile at any stage in life, taking the time to discover ways of doing things differently can make all the difference between a life of misery and suffering to that of one with freedom of choice.

Life over time not unlike a tree, is constantly changing - it is either a process of growth and development or of stagnation and decay. Loss and change lies at the very core of what it is to be alive e.g. the loss of parents, friends, love and often of our physical and mental well-being. Family and friends can often vital support but there are times when professional help in a safe pair of hands is required. Here at Willow Tree Child and Family Centre we can offer you a comprehensive range of Psychological services e.g Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy, Family Therapy, Group Therapy, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy, C.B.T., Psychoanalysis, Addiction aftercare and Employee Assistance.

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