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Get a better understanding of the differences between Counselling and Psychotherapy

Who can benefit from Psychotherapy ?

Psychotherapy is more like a journey of self discovery and awareness. It is a more long term process and aims to bring more clarity and truth about one's past and family history to light in order to alleviate the misery of trauma and distress whose roots have been buried deep in the unconscious brain structures of early childhood emotional development. » read more


Who can benefit from counselling?

Counselling is usually a more focussed short term process that provides a supportive space in which to explore current difficulties e.g. bereavement , job loss, stress, school/ bullying and relationship issues » read more


What can we offer you?

What makes Willow Tree Child and Family Centre the right choice when making a decision about Child, Family or Individual Counselling or Psychotherapy? » read more


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